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JRP Plastering & Stucco Services

Fog Coating and Synthetic Stucco in Vista, California

JRP Plastering & Stucco Drywall is trusted for quality in Vista, California. Backed by 30 years of experience, we are a licensed, bonded and insured stucco contractor. Our re stucco service and plaster repairs restore the appeal of interior and exterior walls from Coronado to Oceanside.

This includes options such as synthetic stucco, architectural foam and fog coating. We also keep you safe with foundation repairs that restore the stability of homes and buildings across San Diego County.

Fog coating is an easy way to customize the appearance of interior or exterior stucco. We have fog coated plaster across Vista and San Diego for over 3 decades. Your plastered walls will stand apart from the crowd with our expertise.

Fires and floods pose many risks to your home. Fire damage affects indoor air quality and the curb appeal of walls, stucco and plaster. Our fire damage repairs help return your life and home to normal with fast response. We will suggest the most practical solutions based on your situation. The extent of damage, materials needed and your budget are each factors to consider.

With water damage repairs, we keep your family safe from mold and mildew. We will re stucco walls and perform drywall repairs to remove moisture, flaking or other blemishes. To protect against moisture damage in the future; we install weep screed to prevent water from wicking up in stucco walls.

You have many options to suit various projects. The choices include regular or synthetic stucco and standard or 3 coat plaster. Whatever the choice; our team will help you make an informed decision.

As a local plaster and stucco contractor; we offer affordable prices and personal service. We have served the Vista area for over 3 decades and are proud of our customer reviews.

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